Rapid Delivery, Flexible Package

Our team is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible, cost effective, innovative and forward thinking solutions to complex logistical and operational problems. 

We acquire assets and technology for deployment worldwide to facilitate project operations & cargo delivery.


  • Port Construction

  • Port Expansion

  • Offshore Storage

  • Offshore Drilling Support

  • Marine Offloading Facilities

  • Breakwaters


  • Millions of Dollars saved in capital costs

  • Can be engineered to meet project specifications

  • Can be rapidly mobilized

  • Simple in Structure

  • Heavy lifting capacity



Are the pontoons available for sale or lease?

  • Sale and Lease opportunities are currently available, but will be dependent upon future availability and project duration.

  • Lease-to-Purchase options are also available to qualified buyers

Are there financing options available for the pontoons?

  • Yes.  Because the pontoons are USA built, US Export Import Bank financing options may be available to the purchaser/lessee.

  • Because the pontoons are considered “green” in their reuse and application, other financing and grant options may be available to purchaser/lessee.

What are the delivery times for the Pontoons?

  • Pontoons are available for 2016 projects (and beyond) based on availability.

  • Delivery times are dependent upon location of deployment.

What is the estimated installation time frame?

  • 1 week to 2 months, depending on application.

How are the Pontoons Installed?

  • End to end, side by side,  and “T” configurations can be designed to suit needs.

What are the pontoons Maximum Loads?

  • Pontoons can be structurally enhanced to meet client loading needs.

What is the Pontoon stability?

  • The pontoons are extremely stable due to their weight and draft.

What is required to maintain the Pontoons during operations?

  • As the pontoons are reinforced cured concrete, maintenance is minimal.

  • Fendering should be employed if landing vessels alongside.

  • If pontoons are grounded, the bottom should be sandy and groomed.

What equipment is required to install the Pontoons?

  • Prior projects have required:

    • small tugs for handling

    • ballast pumps/hoses (to aid connection line-up)

    • power-pack + tools / accessories

    • portable gen set

    • lighting

    • small fork lift



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